Briar Village

The Briar Village (or formally, “The Village Hidden in the Briars”) is the ninja village for the Briar Country.

About five years ago, the Briar Country was invaded by its neighbor, the North Country. This invasion was successfully repelled, but only after the loss of about 1/4 of the Briar’s ninja, including an entire Bloodline clan. One of the smaller ninja villages, it now has a population between 2 and 3 thousand, about 10% of which are active ninja.

Because of it’s smaller size, Briar prides itself on quality rather than quantity of work. They tend to charge more than other villages, but also have a higher success rate when compared to most larger villages.

The Briar Village remains host to the Nekodama bloodline, as well as the Akakaze and Kyoudo clans.

Briar ninja

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Briar Village

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