Briar Village

Chuunin Final Exams

First Round

The individual combat trials will be held in a natural amphitheatre near the side of one of the nearby mountains. An area about 20m radius has been marked out; slightly higher on the edges than in the center. There is seating (including box seats for the high-ranking people from various countries that showed up overnight to watch the ninja villages show off their abilities) in a semi-circle going up the nearby mountainside.

In the morning before the exam starts, Li burns off all his chakra by making clones, thus triggering his seal; he’s still all shiny-glowy when his exam starts, and has recovered most of his chakra.

Mizuki spends some time asking Sensei for tips on her fight.

Tajo sneaks into his opponent’s room during Mizuki’s fight to see if there’s any useful information there. Apparently his opponent is lazy, because he’s still there! He’s too busy running around packing things to notice Tajo, however, so Tajo just kind of hides behind some furniture watching. Serizawa runs out of the room a couple minutes later, but Tajo stays hiding for about 25 minutes before he searches the room. Looks like pretty much everything is packed up, though, so Tajo sneaks back out of the room during the second match.

First Round

Nekodama Mizuki of the Briar Village vs Hatsue Osamu of the Hot Water Village

Kamatari Seduro of the Briar Village vs Tamura Kiyo of the Waterfall Village

Kam drops a chakra-wick smoke bomb as he enters the stage and palms a second. His opponent, Tamura Kiyo, from the Waterfall village, is on the other side of the arena. She’s carting a large bamboo parasol around, and you all saw her in the second exam using it both to hide behind and to pummel people with.

After the announcer introduces the two combatants, Tamura rushes to the center of the arena while preparing a replacement technique. Kam closes half the remaining distance but is staying in defensive mode.

Tamura swings, but Kam manages to “block” with the explosive smoke-bomb he was holding. It goes off, both he and Tamura’s replacement techniques trigger, and Kam replaces with the explosive smoke bomb he’d placed earlier, near the edge of the arena, which then also goes off in the shockwave from the first bomb. Unfortunately Kam didn’t notice Tamura’s replacement with all the rest of the smoke filling that section of the arena—she’s back near the center of the arena again. Kam sets up another replacement technique.

Tamura doesn’t seem to be doing anything, but Kam may just be too far away to tell—so he runs back up into the smoke cloud, and takes his shoes off, trying to catch her by tremorsense or chakra-sense.

He does catch her chakra near the center of the field, but she doesn’t seem to be moving. Kam blows a huge fireball out of his mask, but loses sight of Tamura as her umbrella drops, closed, to the ground.

Kam examines the umbrella’s chakra system as he slowly closes in on it… and then the umbrella pops open. Tamura reappears and sets up another replacement technique as she picks up her umbrella again.

Kam asks if Tamura is having fun yet; she grins and says, “Yes, lots!” She then lobs an exploding kunai towards Kam—it misses, but still catches him in the explosion. Kam miraculously manages to replace with Tamura’s parasol, so now she’s holding onto his arm instead! Kam initiates his earth-chakra strength boost, and manages to grab hold of Tamura.

Tamura spends several rounds trying to reach into one of her pockets for an exploding tag, to set off her replacement technique and get her out of Kam’s grasp… while she works towards that, Kam ties up her arms so she can’t do any new seals, and then takes several rounds of his own to come up with a seal to negate her currently active replacement jutsu.

Tamura finally pulls out (and sets off) an exploding tag right after Kam finishes formulating the seal he wants. He applies the seal quickly enough to prevent her from replacing, and they both take the 20 damage from the explosion. This puts Kam at more of a disadvantage… but he just punches her and sends her flying.

Tamura takes a second to makes sure she’s still in one piece, then taps out.

Winner (by forfeit):
Kamatari Seduro!

Kam is declared the winner of the match; he grabs her umbrella via puppetry, then walks over and hands it back to her. She thanks him and uses the umbrella to assist in standing back up. Kam congratulates Tamura on doing a good job in that fight.

Takeshi Li of the Briar Village vs Tsunayoshi Keitaro of the Sand Village

Li drops an exploding tag just inside the arena when he enters, and then keeps walking towards the center, leaving two more tags along the way, until the match is officially started. His opponent takes the introduction time to do some sort of technique which none of the Briar genin recognize.

At the stat of the match, Li runs up to Keitaro, throwing an explosive kunai. A strong burst of wind knocks the kunai off course just a little, so it only scratches Keitaro and the tag goes off too late to catch him. Keitaro backs away around the edge of the circle and responds with a flurry of wind blades, but doesn’t penetrate Li’s glowing armor. Somehow he still has time to redo the same technique from earlier, still with no obvious immediate effect. (Though if Mizuki is watching, she notices that it’s related to the wind that blew that previous kunai off-course.)

Li throws another exploding kunai, and this time manages to compensate for the wind somehow, and catches Keitaro fully in the explosion. Keitaro is looking pretty ragged, but tries summoning a tornado to penetrate Li’s armor. Li uses the replacement technique and moves in close, and Keitaro has some difficulty turning the tornado around to get back to Li.

Keitaro takes a break and sets up a pro-active replacement technique… and Li hits him with a kunai. Keitaro gets a good shot in with the tornado and actually causes some damage to Li. However, Li just throws another kunai and catches his opponent defenceless; the exam proctor cuts the exploding tag of mid-flight so as not to cause undue harm.

Winner (by KO):
Takeshi Li!

After his teammates finish their matches, Tajo borrows three “normal” smokebombs from Kam. He outfits Youshun with two exploding tags and two smokebombs, planning to leave Tanuki out of the fighting. Before going to the prep room, he hands his backpack off to Li, and just takes his axe, staff, and exploding tags.

Serizawa Hoshi of the Sand Village vs Atogawa Tajomaru of the Briar Village!

Once in the arena, Tajo goes full defensive and slowly moves towards the center of the arena. Youshun flies up above him. Hoshi then uses some sort of technique, but all it seems to do is cause a slight breeze blowing towards Tajo.

Hoshi then spends a few rounds circling around the arena throwing kunai at Tajo (half miss entirely, the other half Tajo dodges) while Tajo cautiously advances on him.

Hoshi finally gets fed up and throws an exploding kunai; this one Tajo reflects back, apparently missing. Youshun then drops a smokebomb on Tajo, who steps off to the side a bit and sits down under his Invisibility Cloak Technique.

Hoshi again creates a breeze to try to thin out the some cloud… Tajo tries to get his stealth cloak to match the smoke wisping away, but the more observant people in the audience can tell where he is. However, Hoshi doesn’t seem to be one of those people. Youshun complains at Tajo for being horribly off-target with the reflected kunai.

Hoshi finishes blowing away the smoke; Youshun and Tajo are both pretty much just in a holding pattern for now.

Hoshi looks around the arena, then tries dispelling genjutsu on himself.

Hoshi then summons a lizard; Youshun takes offense at this and drops an exploding kunai on the lizard just as it is summoned, which breaks the summon and also catches Hoshi in the blast. Tajo finally realizes that Hoshi is not where he appears to be, and also (successfuly) dispels genjutsu.

Tajo, still hiding, goes back on defense. Hoshi hits Youshun with a kunai—”That’s for bombing me!”. Youshun flies up out of kunai range.

Hoshi also goes on defensive, trying to wait Tajo out. After a second round of this, Tajo finally decides to do something. He charges up to Hoshi, shouts “Primal Force!”, and swings with his staff. Hoshi dodges part of the blow, but still gets knocked sixteen meters back and out of the ring!

Winner (by Ring Out):
Atogawa Tajomaru!



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