Atogawa Tajomaru

Animal trainer; violent and arrogant


Birthdate:                   Personality: Arrogant
Height:                Favorite Food:
Weight:          Least Favorite Food:
Blood Type:          Favorite Phrase:

Ability Assessment


Career Records

Age of Academy Graduation: 12
Age of Chuunin Promotion: N/A
Age of Jounin Promotion: N/A

Mission Count
A: 0
B: 0
C: 1
D: 2


Tajo is an only child whose mother died when he was very young. Soon after that, his father stopped caring about much, only working enough to make money to drink and provide for basic necessities. Tajo essentially raised himself, mostly playing with animals in the forest (both inside and outside the village).

Founding member of Team Itou.

Originally designated “Team Leader”, recently changed to “Combat Strategist”

Tajo also seems to have an innate skill at writing—at least on the homework he turns in to Sensei!

Atogawa Tajomaru

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