War Between Briar and North

Five years ago, the North Country invaded the Briar Country. Although the North Country had no ninja village of its own, under the leadership of a Briar Village missing-nin, Yellow Jacket, they were able to paralyze the Briar Village for over a week and lay seige to the capital before Yellow Jacket was finally slain and the Briar Village routed the North’s conventional forces.

Yellow Jacket’s plan had several prongs. First, he spent several years secretly capturing Briar nin and forcing them to train North Country forces in the basics of chakra use and ninjutsu. Secondly, he obtained secret plant materials and commissioned the creation of a bioweapon to kill off one of the Bloodline clans of the Briar Village. His third line of attack, after training his assistants Akakaze Yoshimitsu and Chiyo, was to personally slay several of the other most powerful village elders.

After the bioweapon had left most of its targets incapacitated or worse, Yellow Jacket attacked, and was able to assassinate most of the current village council before sufficient alarm was raised to alert the rest of the village.

When confronted, Yellow Jacket’s team was still able to slay the first few ninja who tried to oppose him. This lead the Kyoudo to accept Yellow Jacket as village head, and they imposed martial law. The remaining Akakaze ninja fled the village rather than accept Yellow Jacket’s rule, and took their families with them.

Yellow Jacket also ends up killing the current head of the Nekodama Clan, but during this fight Yoshimitsu runs away with Nekodama Shizuka, weakening Yellow Jacket’s strength. Yellow Jacket, feeling that his hold on the village is strong enough due to the unexpected assistance of the Kyoudo, sends Chiyo after those two a few days later.

By this time the North Country forces have reached the Briar capital city, after many guerilla skirmishes with the Akakaze and other ninja still loyal to the old guard. The morning the siege begins, however, Yellow Jacket is found dead in his bed and the rest of his forces are either dead or missing. The Kyoudo claim responsibility, though there are rumours that they were neither the architects nor the principal agents behind the assassination.

War Between Briar and North

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