Takeshi Clan

The Takeshi merchant clan controls most trade through the Briar’s only port city, and often competes with the Shiroda Clan for business in other areas.

The current clan head is very business oriented and savvy. His wife seems blinded by her wealth, and dotes excessively on her son, Takeshi Li, who just recently graduated from the Briar Village Ninja Academy.

As a graduation present, Li was given a tattoo-like seal, without being told that its purpose was to keep him alive and safe to continue the family business. He has since discovered some of the effects of this seal—both good and ill.

Li has since complained to his dad about this, and has recovered the formulae used in it’s creation. Itou Minaka and Kamatari Seduro have both been working on ways to counteract the worst of the side-effects.

Takeshi Clan

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