Rules Mods

  1. Damage/defence use the HKAT system: if you succeed at defence roll, you take half damage unless your margin of success is also greater than the attacker’s (in which case you take no damage).
  2. We’re trying to keep to the rules as-written regarding EP costs. Most techniques should have an associated EP cost (makes things cheaper!)
  3. Pushing talents will usually be done w/ Chakra Control; some techniques may require a chakra control roll in addition to EP cost.
    • Basic mostly-required-unless-you-have-a-good-reason academy-taught ninja techniques:
    • Transformation Technique (Alternate Form—Cosmetic, L1) = 2CP. Cost: 1 EP/use.
      Duration is “indefinite”, can be pushed via Chakra Control with penalties based on GM fiat.
    • Invisibility Cloak (Invisibility—Sight, L2; static only) = 4 CP. Cost: 2 EP/use.
      Duration “indefinite” again. This is akin to “hiding under a blanket”, or under a cloak of elvenkind. I’m thinking of taking it off the ‘required’ list since it doesn’t see much use in canon, but it’s still a useful technique at low levels.
    • Replacement Technique (Teleport L1, area 1, range 1, targets 1) = 5 CP. Cost: 5 EP/use.
      This one is amazingly useful, but is a delayed/triggered teleport that only goes off when you are about to take damage. You can set it up ahead of time (similar to regen/prevention shield in M:tG) or you can cast it as a defense roll w/ chakra control skill. Swapping with a chakra-active item requires a Soul+Chakra control check on the part of the target; if you both succeed, you end up at the target’s location but there is no swap. [pretty sure Soul+Chakra is how we’d been playing it]
      Any rules-lawyers that try to trigger it themselves will be able to trigger the teleport but will still take the damage unless they get really creative.
    • Clone Technique (massless clones) (Duplicate—customized L1) = 5 CP. Cost: 5 CP/use +any ep you want the clone to have access to. Clones decay at 1 EP/hour.
      This is probably the single most difficult technique to balance properly. For now I’m leaving the “massless” clones as duplicate (custom) and just assuming that Body is 1 or 0 for anything that involves interacting with objects.
      More advanced clone techniques will need a lower CP cost than the Tri-Stat book has, check with your GM for further details.
  4. Required non-technique attributes:
    • Jumping 1
    • Gadgets 1 (4 minor) — usually exploding tags, smokebombs, a throwing weapon such as Kunai or shuriken, and a utility device such as ninja wire; personal loadouts will reflect an individual’s taste and skillset.
  5. All starting characters are also going to have Owned 2 (do what your village tells you Or Else) and Marked 1 (“forehead protector” w/ village emblem, not necessarily worn on the forehead).
  6. Change to “Muscle-powered” Special Attack ability—-In addition to adding bonus damage from Superstrength, if this attack requires a weapon, the weapon’s damage is added to the attack’s basic damage as well. Further, at GM’s discretion, the appropriate Melee Attack skill may be used instead of Power Usage skill.

Death and Healing

  1. 0 EP or HP means you’re unconscious.
  2. If an EP cost makes you go below 0 EP, the effect only happens if you can may more than half of it before going to 0. Else, you pay the cost but fall unconscious before the effect occurs.
    (In dramatically appropriate scenarios, GM may allow the option to make a Soul or Chakra Control roll to fight to stay awake long enough to complete the effect.)
  3. -Max EP means one’s chakra system is flatlined. Physical death is not far behind.
  4. -Max HP means one has flatlined and is pretty well dead (barring immediate medical intervention).

Natural Healing

(still under review; values are reduced from previous games)

  1. When above 0, HP regens at Body per day.
  2. When above 0, EP regens at (Mind+Soul)/2 per hour.
  3. When at 0 HP or below, medical attention is required for any recovery, and healing takes twice the listed time.
  4. When at 0 EP or below, EP regens at (Mind+Soul)/2 per day. Medical attention can recover EP at up to twice that rate without causing physical damage.
  5. If below -Max HP or -Max EP, it’s pretty well up to the GM whether medical attention can revive or whether the character is chunky salsa.

New Attributes:

Chakra Sense

Contract Summoning


New Items

Exploding Tags


Chakra Lantern Wick






(Ninja Weapon Table)


  1. “Power Use” skill is being replaced with “Chakra Control” skill, w/ specializations Taijutsu [Body], Genjutsu [Mind], and Ninjutsu [Soul]. Other specializations are possible (Medical Techniques, Centering, individual technique, etc etc) if desired.
    Next time I set this up, specializations will be the 5 elements (to reflect one’s elemental nature) but I didn’t think of that before this game got rolling.
  2. “Special Ranged Attack” skill still governs use of ranged techniques, and may be used instead of Chakra Control for offensive genjutsu; consult your GM.
  3. Starting characters should make sure to pick up at least one combat skill; at least one rank in chakra control and stealth is also highly recommended.

Skill Costs

Clarification on defence skills:
Per the section “Relevant Defence Skills” (p.67), non-ranged Defence Skills depend on what you’re defending with, not defending against. Unarmed Defence specializations are wonky as-written (and the only Ranged Defence specialization anyone takes is “Personal”); any suggestions for a fix?

Rules Mods

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