Chakra Sense

Cost: 2 Points / Level
Relevant Stat: Mind
Required PMVs: Area
Optional PMVs: Range, Targets
Progression: Special
Reduction: Partial effectiveness
Restrictions: During particular times of the day; requires other sense; usage inflicts pain; time limit

Chakra Sense allows a character to detect and analyze nearby chakra patterns. The character gets basic info like direction and range, and with a Mind check can also determine current HP, EP, and Combat Values of living targets, or a basic classification (ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu) of a technique.

Unless linked to another sense, this also allows remote sensing of targets within range of this Attribute.

Amount and precision of information is dependent on the level of Chakra Sense. For example, Level 3 or higher can determine the primary elemental nature of chakra pathways.

This technique also allows the character to sense when a technique is being prepared or used, regardless of whether the target is making any visible hand seals. With a successful check (at a penalty) they may be able to determine what the technique is, if it is one they are familiar with.

A successful check can also be used to identify a person’s unique chakra signature, and enables the Wilderness Tracking skill to be used to follow someone by chakra traces alone (though using Wilderness Tracking in this manner has a severe penalty).

Chakra Sense

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