Akakaze Clan

The Akakaze are one of the largest clans in the Briar Village. They specialize in speed techniques and are often used as couriers.

The core of the Akakaze clan philosophy is to defeat one’s enemy swiftly and decisively, so that he can never be a threat again. Recognizing the extremety of such action, however, they also prohibit lethal force against anyone who may simply be misguided or unintentional in their actions. Because of this, Akakaze ninja tend to favor non-lethal weapons such as bola and bokken over kunai, shuriken, and katana or wakazashi.

Clan techniques are broken into four schools, one for each season:

  • Winter techniques are offensive ninjutsu.
  • Spring techniques are offensive taijutsu.
  • Summer techniques are mobility ninjutsu and taijutsu.
  • Autumn techniques are defensive ninjutsu and taijutsu.

Each school has its own head (the Tempest of that season), who is the current master of that school. The clan is lead by a council of all four Tempests, with the Tempest of the current season being head of the council.

Akakaze ninja wear a red jacket with their clan symbol on the back.

Akakaze Clan

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