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  • Itou Minaka

    A previous member of Team Kamatari (along with [[:kage]], [[:kyoudo-gimanmaru]], and [[:nekodama-shizuka]]) during [[War Between Briar and North|the war]] with the North Country, Minaka has since become a jounin and was just recently assigned a [[Team …

  • Nekodama Kenta

    p. The genius of his generation, Kenta became the head of the Nekodama clan after his grandfather died at [[:yellow-jacket]]'s hands in the war with the North Country. p. He was the youngest of three siblings, but his older brother, [[:nekodama- …

  • Akimoto Sho

    Briar Village jounin. Defensive fighter and master of redirecting an opponent's force. Recently accepted [[:atogawa-tajomaru]] as his apprentice.

  • Roka

    Ranged attack master. Jounin. Pretty famous around the village, though you're not entirely sure what he's famous for.

  • Kamatari Katsuro

    Uncle of [[:kamatari-seduro]] and friend of [[:kyoudo-gimanmaru]]'s uncle. Sensei of [[Team Kamatari]] until [[War Between Briar and North|the war]].

  • Kage

    Scorpion summoner, poison expert, and all-around general badass. Previous member of [[Team Kamatari]].

  • Iwakura Hana

    Graduated the year after [[Team Kamatari]], and was a founding member of [[Team Yaguchi]]. Very friendly and outgoing. Was made Sensei of [[Team Iwakura|her own team]] the same year that [[Team Itou]] was created; this is an extremely rare case for the …