Tag: Whips/Chains


  • Kusarigama

    p. A kusarigama is a traditional Japanese weaponconsisting of a sickle attached to a chain. It may be used to attack opponents or to incapacitate them with the chain. Some skilled kusarigama users can even steal their opponents' weapons.

  • Kusari-Fundo

    A Kusari-fundo is a hand held weapon used in feudal Japan consisting of a length of chain (kusari) with a weight (fundo) connected to each end of the chain. Various sizes and shapes of chain and weight were used as there was no set rule on the …

  • Meteor Hammer

    !>https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQKN3PvOrM0WTpPf6UOhplt1KxvAx-f-qbYmjhrmhMIkhKtaqOn3w! p. The meteor hammer, often referred to simply as meteor, is an ancient Chinese weapon, consisting at its most basic level of two weights …

  • Johyo

    The johyo is a long rope (usually 3 - 5 metres) with a metal dart attached to one end. This was a weapon from ancient times, which allows the user to throw the dart out at a long range target and use the rope to pull it back. The johyo can be used for …