Open Door Seal

Li's graduation present


3CP Unknown Superhuman Power

Damage Absorption (chakra attacks only) [5 points absorbed]
Damage Conversion (chakra attacks only, only increases Alternate Form abilities)

  • Requires Body check
  • Backlash: user drops to 0 EP (and triggers Alt Form) if body check fails >3

Alt Form (Full-powered)

  • Detectable (sight and chakra)
  • Limited Use (10x duration to reset)
  • Burns EP (10/hr)
  • Extra Energy (20 EP)
  • Armour (20 DR)
  • Features (bright light source) (Always On)
  • Special Movement (Lightfooted)
  • Combat Technique (Lightning Reflexes)

Li’s dad gave him this tattoo as an academy graduation present, having been told that it would help protect his son.

Since then, the flaws of this seal have come to light. Li approached his father about it, and was given the original notes and formulae for it. Kamatari Seduro has been investigating them with help from their sensei, but a temporary solution has not yet been devised.

Open Door Seal

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