Exploding Tags

Name Damage Abilities Disabilities Skill
Exploding Tag 20 Area (2 meters radius) Limited Shots (1)
n/a (linked to other attacks)

An exploding tag triggers when the seal is physically broken. This can be by pulling a wire attached to the tag, by burning one end of the tag like a fuse, or by causing physical damage to the tag.

Multiple tags exploding at once will increase the radius, but will not deal full damage to a single target in the blast range—two tags will deal closer to 30 damage than to 40 damage.


Another common ninja tool, exploding tags can be used as booby traps or attached to ranged weapons such as kunai. Exploding tags consist of an array of seals around the kanji for “explosion”, and can be easily attached to almost any surface.

There are also many techniques that make use of multiple explosive tags to create explosions in a large area, or that use chakra flows to detonate explosive tags.

Exploding Tags

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