Makishima Fudini

Genin, and only survivor of his previous team.


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h4. Personal Information

Birthdate:                   Personality:
Height:                Favorite Food:
Weight:          Least Favorite Food:
Blood Type:          Favorite Phrase:
Interests: Stage magic and sleight-of-hand.

Ability Assessment


Career Records

Age of Academy Graduation: 12
Age of Chuunin Promotion: N/A
Age of Jounin Promotion: N/A

Mission Count
A: 0
B: 0
C: 2
D: 6


Temporarily reassigned to Team Itou after the rest of his team died while returning from a mission, where he was designated “Public Relations Officer” until being replaced by Nekodama Mizuki.

Since then, has been learning genjutsu. Assisted with experimenting on Takeshi Li’s seal, but missed the pre-exam “meet and greet” at the bowling alley.

Makishima Fudini

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