Kamatari Seduro

Chakra Shaper and Information Officer


Databook Entry

Personal Information

Birthdate:June 23, 1972 Personality:Reserved, Polite and Loyal.
Height:4’6"Favorite Food:Dumplings
Weight:91 lbs.Least Favorite Food:Porridge
Blood Type:AInterests:Calligraphy and Poetry.
Clan:KamatariAffiliations:Briar Village

Ability Assessment


Elemental Affinity: Earth
Known Elements Used: None

Career Records

Age of Academy Graduation: 11 (March 28, 1983)
Age of Chuunin Promotion: N/A
Age of Jounin Promotion: N/A

Mission Count
A: 0
B: 1
C: 4
D: 7

Mission Record
Date Rank Type Outcome
waiting confirmation C Military Strike Pending
3x Undocumented D Undocumented Success
May 28, 1983 C Border Patrol Success
3x Undocumented D Undocumented Success
April 15, 1983 (Unofficial) B Abduction Success
April 13, 1983 C Infiltration Success
April 02, 1983 C Rescue Failure
March 30, 1983 D Service Success

Character Sheet

HP: 40                       ACV: 4
EP: 40  (240)          DCV: 4

Init: 4

Body: 4    Mind: 4    Soul: 4

Total CP: 66       Free CP: 1
Total SP: 82       Free SP: 2

Items of Power

1 Chakra Lantern Wick (Housed in a simple brass lantern; 100 EP Capacity)

Kam’s Arsenal of Modified Weapons (Total of 100 EP Capacity)
          1 Kusarigama (with 2 “micro” wicks and 10 EP Capacity)
          3 Bolas (with 3 “micro” wicks and 15 EP Capacity each)
          1 Face/Gas Mask (with “micro” wicks and 20 EP Capacity )
          5 Kunai (with 1 “micro” wick and 5 EP Capacity each)

Major Items


Minor Items


Name Type Element Handseals Cost
Transformation Technique Ninjutsu None Required 1 EP
Invisibility Cloak Ninjutsu None None 2 EP
Replacement Technique Ninjutsu None Required 5 EP
Flower Clone Ninjutsu None Required 5 EP
Chakra Lantern Style: Lantern Creation Ninjutsu None N/A N/A
Chakra Lantern Style: Energy Transfer Ninjutsu None None *1
Chakra Lantern Style: Chakra Concealment Ninjutsu None Required N/A2
Chakra Lantern Style: Lamp Puppetry Ninjutsu None None 2 EP
Chakra Lantern Style: Weapon Homing Ninjutsu None None 2 EP
Stone Palm Defense Ninjutsu None None 2 EP / rnd
Wall-walking Ninjutsu None None None
Chakra Enhanced Jump Taijutsu None None None
Chakra Enhanced Balance Taijutsu None None None
Defense Combat Mastery Taijutsu None None None
Judge Opponent Taijustsu None None None
Ranged Attack Blocking Taijutsu None None None
Chakra Sense n/a (sensory) None Optional None
Tremor Sense n/a (sensory) Earth None3 None

1 May transfer up to 2x soul stat a round either direction

2 Requires a charged lamp containing Chakra proportional to target

3 Requires bare skin touching the ground

Name Specialization Category Rank
Chakra Control Ninjutsu Basic 3
Stealth Move Silently Basic 1
Acrobatics Flexibility Basic 1
Artisan Metalworking Basic 1
Slight of Hand Pick Pocketing Basic 1
Controlled Breathing Meditation Basic 2
Melee Attack Whips and Chains Combat 1
Thrown Weapons Exotic Combat 1
Unarmed Defense Grappling Combat 1
Melee Defense Whips and Chains Combat 1
Ranged Defense Personal Combat 1

He is the oldest child of Akira and Kagome. He has a good and loving relationship with his only sister Akemi who is two years younger than him. He is quite protective of her almost to the point of embarrassing her sometimes. Most of his life has been focused on his dream of being a briar ninja and has been strongly encouraged in that pursuit by his father and grandfather.

He got moderately good grades at the academy but never really stood out among his classmates. While he has shown a natural talent for chakra control he is a below average Taijutsu user. He has learned most of his advanced jutsu from his uncle whom he trains with regularly.

Despite his natural lack of talent in writing he enjoys writing original poetry. His uncle encouraged him to not simply write poetry but to draw it in calligraphy to practice the skills he would need for fuuinjutsu; a suggestion Seduro took to readily – often drawing out his awful poems with quite elaborate script. It is quite possible that Seduro’s collection of poetry is one of the most beautifully drawn yet terribly written collections in the entire village if not the known world.

He is a founding member of Team Itou and is currently designated their “Information Officer”.

The week before the Academy Exam he was hospitalized from injuries that resulted from sparing with his teammate. This was the first of two times Tajomaru was credited with attempting to kill Seduro. For his part Seduro seems not to hold a grudge.

Kamatari Seduro

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