Itou Minaka

Sensei and medical ninja.


Databook Entry

Personal Information

Birthdate:                   Personality:
Height: 5’8"                Favorite Food:
Weight:          Least Favorite Food:
Blood Type:          Favorite Phrase:
Interests: Dancing

Ability Assessment


[Those are even screwier than for chuunin or genin… I’ll try to adjust them sometime.]

Career Records

Age of Academy Graduation: 12
Age of Chuunin Promotion: 18
Age of Jounin Promotion: 20

Mission Count
A: 3
B: 20
C: 15
D: 5

Character Sheet

HP: 85          ACV: 9
EP: 155          DCV: 17

Body: 9    Mind: 11    Soul: 8

Total CP: She’s a Jounin.
Total SP: A highly skilled Jounin.

Major Items

She always carries around a large scroll (about 6" diameter, 2’ to 2.5’ tall), usually tied to her back.

Minor Items

Headphones and Sony Walkman WM-F5.

Name Type Element Handseals Cost
Paralysis Seal Fuuinjutsu None Optional 5 EP
Remote Paralysis Seal Fuuinjutsu None Optional 5 EP
Transformation Technique Ninjutsu None Required 1 EP
Replacement Technique Ninjutsu None Required 5 EP
Clone Ninjutsu None Required 5+ EP
Chakra Enhanced Jump Taijutsu None None None
Wall-walking Ninjutsu None None None
Basic Healing Technique Ninjutsu Light Optional 2 EP
Advanced Healing Technique Ninjutsu Light Optional 15 EP

She’s a Jounin.


A previous member of Team Kamatari (along with Kage, Kyoudo Gimanmaru, and Nekodama Shizuka) during the war with the North Country, Minaka has since become a jounin and was just recently assigned a team of her own.

Itou Minaka

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