Ayugai Ume

Waterfall kunoichi; currently incarcerated by the Briar Village


Personal Information

Birthdate: January 31            Personality:
Height: 157 cm                     Favorite Food:
Weight: 50 kg                        Least Favorite Food:
Blood Type: A                  Favorite Phrase:
Interests: Bubblegum

Ability Assessment


A sensory ninja, Ayugai is able to hear the “echo” of someone’s chakra signature by making any loud, sharp noise—such as by popping a bubble of gum.

She is rather weak in combat, preferring to hide or use knockout gas and let her teammates do the “heavy lifting”.

Ayugai and her team all specialize in stealth and disguise techniques. Sensory techniques are recommended for any teams trying to track down these ninja.

Career Records

Age of Academy Graduation: 12
Age of Chuunin Promotion: 19
Age of Jounin Promotion: N/A

Mission Count
A: 5
B: 40
C: 35
D: 20


Leader of Team Ayugai.

Sensei has a bingo book entry on her.

Has been using gas grenades to knockout people while chasing Takeshi Li and Makishima Fudini and at the end of their interrogation.

Later taken down by Atogawa Tajomaru and taken back to the Briar Village for interrogation.

Ayugai Ume

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