Briar Village

Ninja Academy Exam!

In the week before the exam:

  • Tajomaru starts training a tanuki in addition to his current hawk companion.
  • Kamatari-kun spams clones, and tries to infiltrate the school records dept. He fails at infiltration, but is able to sneak out copies of some encrypted records. So far he has been unable to break the code they use.
  • Li overhears their sensei being told to make it possible for all the applicants to graduate.

On the morning of the exam…

Sensei meets the two teams in the largest lecture hall (which seats 18) and tells them that their diplomas are in that room. He also tells them that they need to bring those diplomas to him down by the Academy gate in order to graduate.

Kam-kun makes about 9 clones to thoroughly search the room. The Nekodama twins also rummage around looking. Li forges 2 diplomas while Akakaze-kun and Tajomaru sit around for a bit. Li tries making a third diploma, but messes it up pretty badly.

Li gives one forged diploma to Tajo, then takes the other to the sensei. The sensei is impressed by the quality of the forgery, but tells Tajo that it’s not the correct diploma (and tosses it).

Kam’s clones do a pretty bad job of searching, possibly because everyone is getting in everyone else’s way. Two of them each find the failed forgery.

Akakaze-kun eventually walks out of the schoolroom and goes to talk to the sensei.

Li transforms into a fly and searches around the room as well; he finds a slip of paper in the ceiling which says “They’re not up here.” One of the Nekodama twins finds the forgery Tajo had and sneaks off with it.

Akakaze-kun pops his head back in and says, “See you guys later, I’m graduated,” and waves his diploma. Tajo and Kam-kun both miss this, being distracted by the hustle and bustle.

Everyone starts getting bored, since they’ve looked everywhere at least twice by now. Kam-kun sends a clone out to get a bedroll, thinking that possibly the diplomas aren’t there yet.

The Nekodamas jump out the windows and leave; Li (still as a housefly) and two Kam-clones follow them. A couple blocks away from the school, the twins notice the clones and pounce on them, but they don’t notice Li.

Tajo goes out to talk to the sensei, asking for help, and finds out that Akakaze-kun has graduated. Tajo starts off for the Akakaze complex to try to get some information.

Li overhears Akakaze-kun telling the Nekodamas that the sensei has the diplomas, and they just have to ask for them. He ducks down a corner, dispells the transformation, and sprints back to sensei trying to beat the Nekodamas there. He meets up with Tajo and the two of them make it back about a minute ahead of the Nekodamas. During their sprint, Tajo’s hawk gets Kam’s attention and he meets them there as well.

They all ask for (and receive) their diplomas and graduate! Yay!



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