Briar Village

New Teammate, New Training!

About a week later…

After a week of miscellaneous D-rank missions and individual training, everyone meets at the fountain at the usual time for the next mission, and Makashima Fudini is there as well. Kam is blindfolded for some reason, though it doesn’t seem to be affecting his ability to sense his urroundings. After the usual greetings, Sensei walks up, takes her headphones off, introduces Fudini to Li, and announces that Fudini has been added to their team. She then says that she’s dragging everyone off to a back alley, and walks off. The team members follow.

Upon reaching the narrowest alley in the village (about 5 feet wide, between two three-story buildings), Sensei jumps up halfway one of the buildings… and sits down on the side of the building, facing down to the rest of the team. She explains that today’s training is on how to use chakra manipulation to walk on walls. Instead of using chakra to push off of the ground like they learned with the jumping training, they have to make their chakra “sticky” and use that to hold them to the wall.

Kam and Li make it up the side of the building pretty easily on their first try. Tajomaru, assisted by Tanuki, sets up a belaying rope to keep himself from falling—and promptly fails to climb up the wall at all. Fudini is able to make it up the first story before he falls.
Tajomaru and Fudini both take some time to get used to this new technique, while Kam and Li watch from the roof. Fudini falls several times, including once from the second story, but Sensei heals him when he starts getting woozy. Tajo also gets good mileage out of his climbing gear, as it takes him several trips up and down the building before he can make it without assistance.

Getting bored after watching Fudini and Tajo continue to try and fail, the other two decide to have some fun and push their limits with this new ability. First, Kam jumps off of the roof onto the side of the opposite wall, to make sure he can keep hold once he lands. Seeing Kam succeed, Li tries it and also succeeds. Tajo, down on the ground and finally out of his harness, throws small rocks in their general direction for showing off. He then tries to jump up and catch the wall that way; his first try fails, and his second try ends with him landing on his back instead. After he shakes that off, though, he is able to successfully jump up and stick to the wall.

Fudini continues to struggle with the new technique. He borrows Tajo’s climbing gear so that he doesn’t have to worry about falling any more.

Kam and Li try one other trick while waiting—this time, they crawl down the wall face-first, like a spider, and then do a handspring onto the opposite wall. This proves a little more difficult, but they both succeed.

Sensei then asks Kam to help his teammate out since he seems to keep confusing “sticky” chakra with “jump” chakra, and tells Fudini to get rid of the climbing harness and just try walking slowly. Using this method, Fudini is finally able to walk all the way up the building.
Sensei is not quite done with the training, however. She tells Tajo and Fudini that, thanks to their teammates showing off, they still have two more hurdles to pass: they have to be able to jump onto a wall and stick (which Tajo has already done), and they also have to go down a wall headfirst, then do a handspring onto the other wall and land there.

Fortunately they both pass these last tests much easier than the original training.

Sensei then tells everyone that she has some things to go over while they take a break from that hard work. First off, she wants to assign team roles. She assigns Tajomaru as Team Leader (assuring him that it’s temporary when he seems surprised), Fudini as “Public Relations” since he has the most experience as a genin, Li as Second-In-Command, and Kam as Information Officer. Second, she tries to explain that although she hasn’t been in charge of this group long enough to form any attachments to her genin, she has a strong attachment to the Briar Village and she values all members of that village. She also apologizes for getting them assigned to the rescue mission for Fudini’s team the previous week, and she feels like it’s her fault that they failed that mission. She explains that, due to the village’s extremely small size, losing a three-man team is the equivalent of losing an entire graduating class from the academy. …or at least she tries to explain all that; at one point she has to forcibly shut Li up by paralyzing him, and after that Tajo keeps making faces.

Once she gets through her speech, she tells the Team Leader to carry Li to the memorial, and for everyone to meet up there for the next part of the day’s training. Tajo carries Li rather roughly, and although he can’t feel it due to the paralysis, he can tell Tajo isn’t being nice.
They all arrive at the memorial at about the time Li’s paralysis wears off, and as usual Sensei is already there looking at the names on the memorial. Sensei then jumps up to her usual spot standing on top the memorial, announces that the Team Leader and Second-in-Command are squad captains for the next exercise, and asks Tajo who he wants on his team. When Sensei refuses to tell them what the exercise will be, Tajo picks Fudini. Li responds that he wants Sensei as his squadmate. Sensei commends his choice, but says that she’s not playing this game so he’s stuck with Kam instead. She also tells Tajo he’s not allowed using his Primal Rage technique, and then tells them all to fight!

Fudini promptly drops a smokebomb, then runs off and hides behind the memorial. Kam does almost the same thing, hiding opposite Fudini. Li throws a kunai into the smoke before running off and trying (miserably) to hide in the forest just outside the clearing. Tajo sends his animals out to search for Kam and Li, then starts wading through the smoke cloud with his axe and polearm stretched out, just trying to find anything at all.

While Li hides and Tajo keeps searching the smoke, Kam pulls out a kusari-gama and starts sneaking around the far side of the memorial. Fudini notices the motion, and blows a fireball without having a clear target. Unfortunately there are no screams of pain nor scent of burning hair or clothing.

However, this leaves Fudini an open target for Kam, who grabs Fudini’s arm with the weighted end of the kusari-gama. Fudini, being less experienced with this kind of weapon, tries and fails to knock Kam off-balance by tugging on his end of the chain. Li, however, is able to hit Youshun with a poisoned kunai, dealing severe damage to Tajo’s pet. Yushun screams in pain, but is now able to hover over the trees where Li is, so that hopefully Tajo will be able to locate the target. Tanuki tries to hide so that he will not also be hurt.

Fudini tries to blow another fireball at Kam now that he can see his target, but the chain on his arm prevents him from forming the seals correctly. Tajo rushes at Li, intending to avenge Youshun, but just barely notices Li forming seals for a Replacement Technique and drops his staff instead of completing the strike. Li then makes six clones in a successful attempt to hide again. Kamatari is also successful in his attempt to wrap Fudini several times with the chain, effectively pinning him.

The real Li takes advantage of the confusion created by his clones to transform once again in to a fly. Tajo decides to try to intervene on behalf of his squadmate, and runs over to where Kam and Fudini are running (and hopping) around while Kam tries to tie off the chain so that Fudini can’t escape.

Tajo throws an exploding tag at Kam, which unfortunately hits all three of of genin in the immediate area and knocks Fudini off his feet.

Li then flies over to the monument, where he remains unobserved by the other combatants. Tajo, having dropped his other weapons earlier while assaulting Li, pulls out the antlers he had taken last week from the “demon deer” as an improvised weapon. When he tries to hit Kam with them, however, they break instead of dealing any damage. At this point, Kam is finally successful in tying off the chain by wedging the sickle’s handle behind the chain at Fudini’s back.

Li then drops his transformation and hits Tajo with a poisoned kunai, surprising him. Tajo then fails to punch Kam, who jumps up on top the memorial near his squadmate and pulls a kunai from his pack.

Li steps as far away from Kam as he can while staying on top the memorial, and hits Tajo with another poisoned kunai. Tajo tries to throw an exploding kunai at Kam while running up to them, but Kam quickly drops behind the back of the memorial instead. Sensei grabs the kunai mid-flight and tosses it into the trees, but doesn’t say anything. Kam then runs out from behind the memorial into melee with Tajo, but fails to grapple him.

Li then hits Tajo with another poisoned kunai and Kam succeeds in his second attempt to grab Tajo just before Tajo decides to tap out.

Li and Kam then approach the entangled Fudini. When Fudini refuses to tap out, Li scratches the kanji for “loser” on Fudini’s forehead. Fudini manages to finally escape his bonds, only to have Kam hit him from behind with the hilt of a kunai.

A woozy Fudini tries to hit his opponents with a fireball, but aims too high and hits the edge of the forest instead. Kam misses another attempt to KO Fudini, but Li hits him with several poisoned kunai and Fudini falls unconscious.

Sensei jumps down and stabilizes Fudini while Li distributes the antidote to his poison and makes sure that Youshun is OK. Once Fudini regains consciousness, Sensei quickly heals up everyone else (including Youshun) before returning to finish healing Fudini. She warns him that it may be a week or so before the scar on his forehead fades.

She then orders everyone back to the fountain for a mission debrief, where she congratulates Tajo on his decision to tap out of the fight. She also congratulates Li and Kam for their teamwork in winning the match before scolding Fudini for not tapping out when he was obviosuly at a severe disadvantage.

Homework assignments after this training mission are a two page essay from Tajo on small unit tactics; a two page essay from Fudini regarding his scar and how it applies to his performance in this match; a two page essay from Kamatari on weapon tactics; and finally a two page essay from Li on what his opponents did wrong in that match.

[ Tajo rolled a 3 for his homework, because the dice are consistent about his writing ability. Fudini got a 5, just about on-target; Li got a 7, also just about on-target; and Kam failed by 3 if my notes are correct, because Kam is just bad at expressing himself in writing. ]

[ This post-op was a bit rushed because it’s so long! And also my notes were incomplete. If there is anything that anyone particularly wants me to add or correct, I’ll be happy to do that—just let me know! ]

[ Also—Special Movement (Wall-walking) for free to everyone. That’s 2 CP worth this time ^_- ]


Small Corrections: “Li then drops his transformation and hits Tajo with a poisoned kunai, surprising him. Tajo then fails to punch Kam, who jumps up on top the memorial near his squadmate and pulls a second kusarigama kunai from his pack.” and again “Kam then runs out from behind the memorial into melee with Tajo, but fails to snare him with the kusari-gama initiate a grapple.”

New Teammate, New Training!

Edited! thanks for spotting that :)

New Teammate, New Training!

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