Briar Village

Kam Individual Training #1

After the most recent D-rank mission Seduro returns home feeling more like an exterminator than a ninja. He enters he family’s “Grand Estate” by crossing the bridge over the coy pond in the front yard. With the large house and so much open land you would think the Takeshis or the Shirodas lived here, but it wasn’t money that built this “Estate” it was reputation. The reputation of Kamatari Honda, one of the founding members of this village. He built this place to house his anticipated “Legacy”, the clan he intended to found as well. Seduro muses to himself how ironic it is that Honda built such a large estate but the current count of 6 Kamatari is the most to have ever lived here, and with his grandfather and uncle often out on missions it’s like his immediate family is living in a ghost town.

He navigates the large house to drop off his gear in his room and makes his way to the back yard all with out seeing another living soul. After the “simplicity” of the recent mission he feels unchallenged and about as empty as the estate around him. Determined to get in some of workout today he enters the family dojo alone and after a brief period of centering himself he begins to preform a kata.

“So whatcha doing?”

Seduro is startled both by the question and by the presence of his Uncle Katsuro whom he just barely avoids accidentally hitting. So startled in fact that he ends up falling backwards in a very un-ninja like manner.

“Just training.” Seduro says as he regains his feet.

“I’ve got a better idea,” Katsuro says “lets play hide and seek.”

Seduro, knowing better than to argue with his uncle, polity bows and says “Hai, Uncle-Sensei”

“The Dojo is the boundary. You blindfold me, then hide. I’ll count to 30 then find you.”

“Not “try to find me”, Uncle?" Seduro asked, and Katsuro’s only answer was a smile as he handed Seduro the blindfold.

So Seduro blindfolds Katsuro who promptly begins counting down from 30. As Seduro begins slowly sneaking away Katsuro begins matching him step by step while still counting.

“You’re cheating Uncle. You’re watching me with Chakra-Sight.” Seduro protests loudly.

“Seduro! I could hardly be cheating at game whose rules I am making up, could I?”

Seduro sighs loudly in resignation. “At least stay in one place until your done counting.”

“That sounds fair,” Katsuro concedes and begins counting again “26 …. 25 ….”

Seduro waists no time and jumps up into the rafters. He adjusts his chakra lamp to match his own chakra system and sets it on the rafter in front of him – just between him and his uncle. Then not to be “out-cheated” he ducks out the nearby door and onto the roof of the dojo. After a few more seconds of waiting a hand from behind taps him on his shoulder.

“I said the boundary was the dojo.” Katsuro informs his nephew.

“I’m still on the dojo.” Seduro says in a flat informative matter.

“You are.” Katsuro acknowledges, “You’re also found. Your turn.”

Katsuro then blind folds Seduro who promptly makes hand seals and begins counting. Seduro watches his uncle using chakra sight as he elegantly jumps down from the roof and enters the dojo. He continues watching as Katsuro crawls into an unusually small storage area designed for training equipment. Upon reaching the end of his countdown Seduro follows the path his uncle had just trod grabbing his lantern on the way and throws open the storage area only to see it empty. Puzzled he forms hand seals again and uses his chakra sight to survey the dojo. He clearly spies his uncle’s chakra surrounding what looks like a training dummy. He drops his hand seals and upon accosting the training dummy finds the it is he who is the real dummy. While he is standing there pondering he is again startled by his uncle tapping him on his shoulder.

“What’s wrong Seduro, are you having trouble?”

“I saw you going into the storage area, but when I looked you weren’t there. Then I saw you transformed as the training dummy, but when I came over you weren’t here. There were no lanterns or clones, so I am trying to figure out how you’re misleading me.”

“I was in the storage area, and I was hiding as the training dummy. So I think the right question should be asking is not why you thought you saw me those places, but why you didn’t see me leave them.”

“Because I dropped my chakra-sight handseals to maneuver over to you.” Seduro answered.

“Then try not dropping the handseals, at least until you can do it with out dropping the jutsu.” Katsuro said in a plain factual monotone. Katsuro then puts the blindfold back on the young nin and tells him to try again. One more time Seduro forms hand seals and begins counting backwards. This time uppon reaching zero he slowly begins waling toward his uncle all while still making the hand seals. As he gets to his uncle’s hiding place he see’s him replacement jutsu out. Seduro then slowly approaches the new location. The whole time he is walking slowly and deliberately not to loose his focus and accidently drop the technique. During this process Katsuro quits hiding from his nephew and begins merely walking out in front of him just out of reach.

“You’ll never catch me at that rate Seduro, you’re gonna have to pick up speed,” Katsuro taunts

“What ever happened to hide and seek, Uncle, this is more like tag,” Seduro erupts as he grasps for his slowly elusive uncle - who suddenly stops, allowing the groping genin to catch him. Seduro pulls down his blindfold to see the silly grin on his Uncle’s face and mutter’s “oh no.” softly under his breath.

“That is a great idea Seduro! Come with me.”

Katsuro leads Seduro out to the training grounds behind the dojo to an agility pit with that houses innumerable logs of various heights buried on end. The are for the purpose of waling and jumping across but Seduro knows his uncle has more in mind. He fills the pit with some coals from a nearby furnace then proceeds to douse them with water creating a sauna effect. The resulting steam obscures the pit, the logs, and vision in general.

“You might want to put the blindfold back on Seduro. It seemed to help you focus.” Katsuro suggests before disappearing into the smoke. “Oh, and … Your It.”

“Well, it looks like I’m going to learn to do this jutsu with my eyes closed,” Seduro says in an ironic tone as he pulls the blindfold down over his eyes and slowly steps into open air sauna that will provide him many more hours of “fun” with his uncle.


Thanks so much! I’d love to see some more like this if you get a chance :) I still have to get the genjutsu rules framework written up for you all, that might give you something else to work with after we complete this next mission.

Kam Individual Training #1

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