Briar Village

First Mission!

Missing One Teammate Already...

In the morning, on the way to the fountain:

While walking to the fountain to meet his other teammates, Tajo is met by Akakaze-kun. Akakaze-kun asks Tajo if it was true that he’d tried killing his teammate again. Tajo says that he knew his sensei wouldn’t let it happen, and besides, Kam needs to toughen up some. It doesn’t matter now, because his sensei made him promise not to do it again.

Tajo then asks how Akakaze-kun heard about this. Akakaze-kun says, “A little bird told me.” Both genin then glance at Youshun. Akakaze-kun then says he has to run off and meet up with his group now, and vanishes before Tajo can make a proper goodbye.

At the fountain, a few minutes later:

Kam and Tajo meet at the fountain. Tajo apologizes to Kam for yesterday. Kam accepts the apology and doesn’t seem upset about it.

A minute or two later, before Li shows up, Itou-sensei arrives. After taking off her headphones, she tells the kids that Li is home sick today, so instead of training they’re going on their first D-rank mission! Apparently a local metalcrafter left some of his excess inventory outside over the winter, and before he was able to use it some wasps have decided to move in. He’s too busy to do it himself, so he’s paying for a genin team to clean out the wasps.

Everyone goes to the craftsman’s address. Behind his shop is a poorly tended yard, with a tarp covering some crates and stacked logs. There are quite a few wasps flying around.

Tajo suggests that they burn the wasps down. He flips the tarp out of the way, then talks to the metalcrafter for a few minutes. He is told that the crates have different metals, but there is some iron there.

Kam makes a wasp “trap” using some spare bottles, sugar water, and his lantern oil. He then tries to use his chakra sense to get a count of the wasps, but can’t do much better than pinpoint the location of the nest in the crates.

When Tajo comes back out, he wraps himself in his camping blanket and approaches the crates. Kam points out the one with the nest in it, and Tajo cracks it open with his axe. He then runs away from the wasps that swarm out at him, but does a poor job of taking the blanket off and ends up being stung many times.

While Tajo is away dealing with those wasps, Kam’s trap starts to work. It’s really just a bottleneck that the wasps have to go through to get to the sugar water, but in the neck part the wasps have to go through the lantern oil, so they come out with it clinging to them. Kam then uses his lantern techniques to blow up the oil, killing the wasps. It’s not very efficient, but it’s easier than chasing wasps and he can recharge chakra most of the chakra he’s spending.

Once Tajo gets back, he lassoes the crate with the nest in it, but is unable to move it alone. Kam tries to help, but he isn’t strong enough either, so he goes back to exploding wasps with his mind.

Tajo then pulls two other crates away from the nest, and opens them up to confirm there are no wasps inside. He then runs off to a flower garden down the street and manages to capture a hummingbird. He then throws the hummingbird at the wasps and tells it, “Hunt!” It kills two of the wasps before flying off elsewhere.

By this time, Kam has killed about half of the wasps, and it is no longer attracting as many as it had before. Now he goes to a nearby store and buy a plastic spray bottle, and fills that with lantern oil. He uses that to spray clumps of wasps and then explode them.

While Kam chases wasps around, Tajo wrestles with the other crates but is only able to get one more crate clear. Tajo then directs Youshun to swoop down and pull the nest out of the crate; it takes two tries but the nest is pulled out and into the yard.

Kam then gives the bottle to Tajo, who runs around squirting the remaining wasps and enjoying the mini flamethrower effect. Kam has to tell him, “the less spray, the more fire,” but the two of them quickly deal with the remaining wasps. Tajo then tries to kick the nest into the street, but Sensei blows it up with an exploding tag as it passes by. Tajo keeps the spray bottle afterwards.

On their way back to the fountain for the debriefing, the two genin stop by Li’s apartment to check on him. The lady of the house greets them at the door, but doesn’t let them in. She tells them that Li just has a 24-hr bug and should be fine tomorrow.

Back at the fountain, Sensei assigns homework: Tajo has a half page essay on how not to get stung, and Kam gets a half-page essay on why passive traps are slower than active assaults.

[ +1 CP each for Tajo and Kam! ]



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