Briar Village

Filler Episode #1!

In Which Nothing Of Import Occurs

The next morning, Tajo and Li meet at the fountain, and after chatting for a minute or two, Sensei walks up, takes off her headphones, and tells them that Kam-kun is down with that 24-hr bug now, so they’ve got another D-rank training mission. This time, they’re tasked with cleaning up someone’s idea of a prank—Mr. Nani’s warehouse had a huge graffiti tag on the side of it this morning, and he wants it gone. (No, Li, you have to keep the wall in good contition, you can’t just blow it up and call it done.)

Tajo and Li stop off at the store for sandpaper and laquer.

The warehouse is two stories tall, and the tag covers both floors.

Tajo goes inside and gets a ladder so they can reach the second floor (cause we haven’t all been around to learn chakra walking).

Li cleans the top story; Tajo cleans the ground floor. La la la.

A group of kids runs by and pesters them; the genin are too busy to bother with kids though. Li drops a smokebomb on one that gets too interested, and Tajo pulls another off the ladder before Li kicks the kid in the face. The kids eventually complain to Sensei, and she just shoos them off.

3 or 4 hours later (so before 1PM) they’ve got everything cleaned up and back to normal, so they head back to the fountain for debriefing.

Tajo is assigned a half-page essay on how he could have put the kids to use and gotten done faster. Li’s assignment is a half-page essay on how they could have gotten more trianing out of the mission. (Tajo writes another brilliant essay; Li writes his way too big but argues for a slightly better grade.)

[ +1 CP to Tajo and Li—not gonna penalize you guys just because the GM wasn’t prepared for another D-rank mission >_> ]



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